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Lately, I have been full on embracing my hair in its naturally curly state. I mean big, curly hair which is the complete opposite of how I would have it styled when I lived in the U.S. which was flat ironed bone straight.

I’m a very attractive woman with Double Ds and shapely hips. Even before I started wearing my hair naturally curly/kinky, I had a come fuck me body. Everything about me can lead a man, and some women to easily, and comfortably, sexualize me. I part welcome it because it’s about the most sex-related attention I get. But it’s like damn, the looks and advances I get are like “whoa, let’s do it right here on the sidewalk, lady.” When I wear my hair big and natural, I feel like I’m a walking billboard for sex.

Words that come to my mind when I think of how some perceive me when I wear my big hair:
  • wild
  • exotic
  • untamed
  • sex object
  • kinky (the word to describe my hair is synonymous with being “marked by unconventional sexual preferences or behavior, as fetishism, sadomasochism, or the like.” -dictionary.com)
How I feel:
  • feminine
  • natural
  • genuine
  • more like myself
  • sexy
  • normal
I do not mind being considered a sex object or someone thinking about sexing me up. However, I wish my hair could just be my hair and that it wasn’t some sort of fetish; “preferred” by some men; or synonymous with I’m-going-to-take-you-home-tonight-and-whip-the-shit-out-of-you, even if that is precisely what I intend to do.
I’m all over the place with this post. The curls are sexy, but sometimes I get the feeling that to some they just mean HOT SEX ON A PLATTER.

Photos courtesy of Glenford Nunez/TYP Photography The Coiffure Project.


All right, maybe it’s more than just her hair. But even if she were fully clothed, with that hair, men would still be trying to hit that.

Solange Knowles with the sexy come hither look

She was never sexier than when she cut her hair for season 5, and she came back with baby boobs. ^.^

Yes, Kris. Whatever you say, Kris.


P.S. Back down memory lane…

Miranda: Yeah. But he can’t be with her because she’s too complicated, and she has wild curly hair.
Carrie: Hello…c-c-c-curly!
Miranda: Yeah. So he leaves her and marries this…simple girl. With straight hair.