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It’s taken me a while to get this, but I do now.

The sex that got away guy who’s been coming in and out of my life for the past four months has got me thinking about unavailable men.

An available man is one who communicates with me verbally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. If he is holding back communication in any of these areas, he is unavailable for the kind of commitment I want.

That’s the part I already know.

What I now get is: There is nothing I can do to make a man available in all these areas. If he isn’t ready to be, he isn’t ready to be. He must get there in his own time. If it does happen, it is usually the case that I won’t be around to see it happen. It is usually the case that him finally becoming an available man has little or nothing to do with me.

I have always been in love with a man’s potential to fall in love with me. Even if he doesn’t know, I always seem to know how great we could be if he could just fall in love with me too. I admit, it’s a serious problem of mine.