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Another great reason to have a lover: giving and receiving free massages. Good for the body and the budget.
I sat through a pretty crappy massage today, and I was very annoyed I would have to pay for it. Then I thought, I sure would rather do this with a lover. One of those things this single girl misses. During the good parts of today’s massage, I fantasized about receiving a massage from Ryder, a guy I’m being fixed up with back home, and with whom I have been exchanging flirty emails lately. It was nice. Then, my time was up.

Quick tips for giving a good massage to your lover: 
1. Slow and deep is better. For everything.
2. Massage muscle only. Don’t rub against bone. Massaging bone does not feel good. Massaging skin doesn’t feel good either; it’s like getting pinched over and over again. Get in the muscle. Slow and deep.
3. Go to the ends of the muscle where the tendons are. Tendons are very sensitive and a complete erogenous zone for me, so maybe they will turn on your lover too.
4. Use the base of your palm when your fingers get tired. The base of your palm goes deep. Finger tips are not always sensual. But a nice strong hand is.
5. If you use your elbow to get deeper, make sure you aren’t over doing it with pressure. The elbow is a bony bone and can hurt if it’s too deep or too fast. Slow is better with the elbow.
6. Occasionally, blow lightly in your partner’s ear then nibble it; and kiss her on the neck and on the front pelvis. These spots tickle so good.

Of all the sexy how-to-give-a-sensual-massage vids out there, this basic, and kind of corny, one was a complete turn on for me. I think it has something to do with not being able to see the guy’s face. I’m also very attracted to his hands. Yeah, I need to get laid. K.