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I could go for some karezza, or orgasm-free sex, right about now. Sounds brilliant. BTW, I heart The Lusty Vegan. A woman in her 20s who isn’t afraid to talk about sex.

This is a reroute from my Lusty Vegan column on www.ieatgrass.com! If you haven’t been there yet, I am skeptical of your decision making skills.

Recently the spiritual sex technique of karezza has been bouncing around the World Wide Web, touted as a way to bolster intimacy between struggling couples. I know when you hear “spiritual sex” you probably imagine lots of sweating and chanting, so let me preface that karezza isn’t extreme in action, but rather extreme in idea: sex with no orgasm. You shouldn’t even come close to the brink of orgasm. No orgasms allowed.

If “what’s the point of that?!” just crossed your mind, then perhaps you’re exactly the type of person who should be considering karezza-esque tactics. Now don’t you give me the stink-eye. I’m not telling you to give up on your O’s. I’m on a pretty strict Orgasms For Breakfast diet myself. Just…

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