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I cannot listen to this song enough. Love Conversation is a lovely duet by Jose James featuring Jordana de Lovely.

Whenever I listen to it, I don’t fantasize about making love to it. I see the two of us dancing together in a small crowd; could be anywhere. My arms are wrapped around his neck, my face is buried in his nape just below his ear inhaling him. He smells so good. His arms are around my waist and pull me in, tightly pressing us together. After waiting long enough for something we both want, tonight will be our first time together. Of course, it is. Who could listen to this and not go home and make love? Anyway, we’re dancing, rocking slowly back and forth. Everything is tingling to the point of fire. I know he’s tingling too because it’s energy, and if I feel it, he feels it. It’s the sensation that lets me know we both want this. We continue like this until the song is over, and we’re ready to go.
That is all. Enjoy. K.