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Paul is really good looking. He’s tall, built and has a good amount of sexy facial hair. I’d been seeing him around the city the past year, but like all the other foreigners, he just stayed in his own world. A few days ago, we were at the same going away party, an intimate ice cream social at a mutual friend’s apartment. There were four guys and three dolls. Paul and I didn’t say anything to each other until he was leaving. Our departing friend had some sugar scrub he never used, and Paul was taking it but had never used it before. From across the room, I offered to show him how to use it. My offer went ignored. So, imagine my surprise when I received a Facebook friend request from him the next day. Okay. So he’s one of those.

We’ve been messaging back and forth the past few days.

One of my co-workers quit unexpectedly, and my employer needed a replacement quickly, so I decided to ask around to all my local acquaintances to see if they wanted to transfer or knew anyone who did. I sent Paul a message. I was actually happy to have an opening to a conversation because I am pretty hard up, and he’s definitely worth a shot at getting in the sack. He replied and said he thought the gig sounded like a good deal. He’d ask around and get back to me if he knew anyone. After a couple of really long email exchanges where I learned we’re both in our thirties and our contracts are up on the exact same date and neither of us knows what we’re going to do when they’re done, he asked if I knew of any movie screenings that would be happening in the city any time soon. He also asked if I’d tried a new Indian restaurant that was opening nearby (a restaurant I’d previously posted about on my wall). I replied that I didn’t. I eventually asked him what he does in his spare time and if he learned how to use his sugar scrub. I had to get back on task.

We continued to discuss topics like my volunteering at an orphanage and how he’d like to volunteer at an orphanage too (I invited him along and he agreed to go); he still hasn’t used his sugar scrub (perhaps he’s waiting for me to show him); and he is looking into traveling to Bali after his contract is up (just like me). We went on like this, emailing back and forth, for about a week until last night when I asked him if he wanted to attend a screening of Miller’s Crossing. He agreed. So, I’m going out with a hot guy I’d like to pounce, but I’m not sure it’s a date… We shall see! Fingers crossed for a good time!

♥ K.