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When I walked in, I immediately went to Paul and reintroduced myself. I noticed he had a canned iced tea and nothing that resembled an alcoholic beverage. I don’t know why it did, but my mind immediately went ‘recovering alcoholic.’ I didn’t want to come off as some drunk, but I needed to be a little more chill before I had my first verbal conversation with this man whom I’ve never actually spoken with before, but have been emailing continuously for a week now (and lusted over in the past), so I went to the bar and had two rum shots.

While I was watching the movie with Paul, I couldn’t help but catch glances of him when I knew he couldn’t see I was looking. He’s just so good looking. He’s got the greatest calves and shoulders. It has been a while since I’ve been in the presence of a man who I think about having sex with pretty much anytime I look at him or even just think about him. As attracted to him as I am, there was just nothing there, at least on his part. We were seated on bar stools at a bar table, his body was turned away from mine most of the time. I didn’t want him to hold me or jump my bones on the table or anything, but body language can pretty much speak for itself, and I was listening. The very serious, Miller’s Crossing, had a couple of funny moments at which we both laughed. He’s even got a sexy smile.

After the movie, I told him I was going to get some falafel. It was about midnight. I didn’t think he’d come, but he, to my delight, invited himself along. We further discussed what we’re going to do when we leave Asia. It didn’t get much more exciting than that. I didn’t expect to sleep with him, but I did hope for a little flirting. It didn’t happen. He seems very stiff and not in the way I’d like him to be. I guess some guys do just want to be friends? K.