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Paul and I exchanged a couple of emails one of which ended with me telling him to let me know when he was up for cinema. He didn’t reply. It got me thinking about how both of us are going our separate ways in a few weeks. Perhaps he doesn’t want to strike up a new friendship. Maybe he just doesn’t like me. I couldn’t get him off my mind, so I sent the following email:

I know your life’s making a major shift here soon; I am there too. So making new friends is like weird/pointless for me, maybe for you. However, I treat it like I met you on a stop on my trip; I meet new friends in every city. I know we will stay in touch after you go on to your next destination. You’re a cool person. I don’t find many of those here, especially of the opposite sex. No, either sex.

If you want to get out this evening, my friend is coming into town around 3. We will probably eat, walk around, do some things. So maybe you’ll hang out. But write back either way.

He replied that he’d just had two falafel sandwiches and some ice cream. He was going running later and not sure what he would be doing afterward. Then he asked if I were at all inclined to watch the Batman movie that night.

I like him so much. Of course, I’m inclined. K.