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I was roaming around the city when Paul confirmed our movie meeting for 9:30pm. I hesitate to call it a date because it wasn’t. I wanted to look as good as I would if I were on a date. I wore a red halter-top and a long white skirt. I looked like a woman with a crush.

He was waiting for me in the lobby. As I approached him he turned around, looking good. I very much wished I were walking toward my lover. I’d throw my arms around him, kiss him softly on the lips, pull back, look him in his eyes and smile.

Instead, we said hi and sat in the waiting area and shared some laughs. He showed me all the candy he had purchased for the movie. He’s got a serious sweet tooth.

When we were finally seated in the theater, it felt so good to be close to him. His recently showered body smelled good. My mini fantasies continued as I thought of leaning over and kissing his neck or nibbling his ear. He was eating his candy out of a plastic bag. He offered me some by casually tilting the bag’s opening toward me. It felt like we’d been doing this forever. I didn’t take any though. He put the candy away and moved onto some cookies he had. Because I wanted to share something of his, I asked for some candy. He reached in his pocket and handed it to me. During the movie, our bodies touched. My lusty crush.

During one of the funnier parts of the film, I needed to say something funny about the movie. I leaned in to his ear so I could whisper. He laughed. Promising.

He walked me home. On the walk, we discussed him joining couchsurfing.org for his travels. I highly encouraged him to and told him to add me as his friend since people respond more to others who have connections. When we got to my place, we said the most awkward good night. It was like “so, uhm, okay, good night.” Eyebrows raised and all. Strange really.