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I’ve decided that instead of pining away for Paul, I’ll do a little flirting with Ryder Davis. Remember Ryder Davis is the guy who thinks I’m stunning. I did friend request him and spent half an hour looking through his photos and reading his captions.

I sent him a message: “You’re funny. Your comments and captions make me laugh. Do you write?”

He replied, “I’d like to write more, but I’m better with quips than lengthier compositions. By the way, I want to be you. You seem to go everywhere. The next time you travel, can I cram myself into your carry-on luggage?

He wants to cram himself into my luggage. How about he ram himself into my vagina. I’m horrible, I know.

I told him that he can just come with me. I long for a travel partner who is also my lover. I didn’t say the latter to him, but it’s true. Sweet dreams.