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Continued from… I Facebook poked him on accident

Before writing me back via Facebook, Paul poked me too. He first wrote, “You poked me!” Of course, this flirting made me feel giddy and promising. He enjoyed his day at the beach. He almost didn’t go, but he was happy that he did. He asked if I went to the beach too. I didn’t end up going to the beach because I went to karaoke with friends until 5 am and was too exhausted. I asked Paul if he was glad he went to the beach and he replied, “didn’t have expectations… it was cool.”

We went back and forth a bit flirting about possibly going out that night. Not with each other. So I suggested if he did come out to let me know so we could meet up because he makes me laugh.

He brought up a rumor that he’d heard there was an outdoor pool at a fancy hotel downtown. He said he wanted to go there before he leaves. He also said he wanted to return to the beach.

“I hadn’t heard about the pool. When do you want to go to the beach? I want to return too. Which beach were you considering?”

He replied with all this info about various beaches. He then told me that he was ready to go immediately; next Saturday or Sunday, if possible. He said he just wanted to swim in the sea, sit in the shade, and eat ice cream. He suggested making an impulsive decision instead. Then he asked what beaches I had in mind.

So, I, pretty much having laid it out on the table that I want him, took this opportunity to just dive in. I want to go to the beach with Paul. No, I want to go to the beach with Paul and make out and make love. Yeah, that’s what I want.

So, I just put an itinerary together and presented it. “Let’s leave Friday night. We can stay at the beautiful overnight spa that overlooks the sea and is inexpensive so it won’t break into our budgets. The night we arrive, we can eat Indian at my favorite restaurant. Then we can head to the less crowded beach just north of the main, popular beach. It has shade, sea and ice cream. I have to leave Saturday evening for a party. But if we leave Friday, we won’t feel rushed. We can leave after you get off if you can do it. If not let’s go early Sunday.”

Shortly after I sent that email, he replied, “beach plans for this weekend sound good.”

I’m doing a happy K’s gonna get sex dance. ♥K.