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Somewhere between dancing the I’m-gonna-have-sex-with-Paul-happy-dance and having plans to go to the beach with him, the last days of Mercury Retrograde happened.

Last night, Paul and I met up for falafel and another movie screening. I invited a friend along so it would still feel like I was into this friend thing even though all of those feelings of attraction are out there on the table and he didn’t go completely running and screaming in the other direction.

We sat through the movie and felt like complete strangers. I guess I was expecting some sort of interaction while he sipped on his sober water. How did I get here? What happened to the flirting? We are going to the damn beach together this weekend to sit on the sand and eat ice cream in the shade. Why the awkwardness?

When the movie was over, my friend went on her way and Paul and I started on our walk toward my place. We small talked about Mercury Retrograde and discussed our upcoming travel plans. WTF! Again with the travel plans!

He’d never heard about Mercury Retrograde so I explained it was a time of communication mix-ups and misunderstandings and how it’s not really a good time to make decisions or even communicate really, so I was holding off on choosing where to travel until Retrograde was over in 2 days.

Then, instead of walking me home like he’d done every other night we’d walked home this way, he decides he’s going to go in a different direction that doesn’t involve walking me all the way to my neighborhood. So I say “You can’t walk me home, Paul?” And he goes on about it’s still early, you’re safe. And I’m just like WTF. So he keeps walking with me and it’s silent and uncomfortable. We get to my corner and I say, “Paul, we’re not brother and sister. Don’t be weird.” And he just wanted to get the hell out of there.

I’m gonna blame his acting weird on Mercury Retrograde and I’m also going to blame my reactions on it too. Grrrr.