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Last night, I was out with one of my co-workers, Aaron. It’s his last week here in Korea, and earlier in the day, he suggested we meet while we were out downtown.
So, I got this text message from him around 1 a.m. asking where I was. I lied and said I was just about to walk through my front door. I asked where he was. Julian’s. I wasn’t really tired, so I suggested to my girlfriend, Ana, who was with me, that we go to Julian’s. We entered and Aaron called me out on my lie. Joking, I insisted that I was about to walk through my front door, but that I was just far away from the front door. We laughed.
He bought Ana and me two Cape Cods, and we proceeded to make small talk with his group of friends. After a while, we moved to a more lively bar.
Then, he did it. Something I suspected would happen, but could never imagine how it would go down. He said, “Fuck it. I have three days left, K. I have a confession to make. I find you really attractive. I mean really, really attractive. I have since I first started working here.”

I was not surprised at all. He hit on me when he first got here, but it was the same week I met my then boyfriend, and it put the kibosh on any additional flirting. Plus, he’s been calling me beautiful a lot lately at work. And while he’s known to be a flirty, ladies’ man, he hadn’t been with me up until a couple months ago. His last effort at the bar did kind of make me think “Fuck!” because I was going to have to have some sort of reaction. I tend to like to avoid uncomfortable situations like this. What really annoyed me is I know how sexed this guy is, and how unsexed I am; if I was the least bit interested in him, I could have gotten laid. While I have thought of him sexually (I think of every man sexually even if it’s just to confirm that, visually, I can’t do it), I just wasn’t interested. Maybe if I weren’t stone cold sober. I don’t know.
Anyway, as partners, we played a subdued game of beer pong. I was too aware of not being overly flirty like I can be when sober or drunk. I didn’t drink another sip of liquor so I would not loosen up and possibly lead him on. I did flash him a picture of my clevage in a very low cut t-shirt. “Don’t fucking tease me,” he said. I did it for the attention. I liked it.
Truth is, I don’t want to learn someone new or have a bootycall. If I am going to be with a man, I want one I’ve lusted after for a while. The ones who have already intrigued me.