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So far, there are 19 men. For the love of man, I hope this list doesn’t get longer.
Here they are by numbers.

By Occupation
1 Ex-professional football player
1 Front man for a well-known hip hop group
1 Actor and star of a hit television show
6 Performers – actors, writers, sound, musicians
The rest are professionals in various fields like engineering, real estate, insurance, tourism, advertising

Our Status
7 Shared a bed and came so close (met one’s parents)
3 Sexless Sagas (more than two years; I did share a bed with one)
3 Could have been a one night stand
2 Heavy Flirting
2 Dated only
2 Friends/Crushes
1 Boyfriend (also listed under Shared a bed)

20 Youngest when we dated. I was 28.
56 Oldest when we dated. I was 28.
Yes, they overlapped. It was winter. What can I say?
The second youngest I dated was 21 when I was 27.  

The future I could have seen with them
2 Lifelong commitment
5 Long-term relationship
6 Short-term relationship
5 Fling
1 An Affair to Regret

I have been asked if I have a type. I don’t. My men (all 92 96) come in all ages, shapes, heights, builds, economic levels, races, religions and professions. They have since I was 5. They will continue to until one of them takes me as his own.