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So here’s how Mr. Lorenzo replied to my letter:
Come on, seriously?! Did I chase that French girl that I didn’t like a single bit?! Or was she sticking around me all the time?! I think we saw a different movie. (Interesting he would refer to the situation as a movie. It was drama). Anyway, I didn’t say you were in love with me and stuff, but I remember you wanted to get a lot closer…but I understand you pretend to be the reason (I don’t know what this means. This is his broken English which I find cute on other occasions). I know you were not in love with me, now it sounds like I was just “anybody.” Nice. From “rejected” to “I don’t fuck just anybody”… ha ha
Take a decision, K. (I think he means “Make up your mind, K.”)
Ok..I think I just don’t understand you, but that’s ok..another reason to see a therapist!!
Oh come on!!!
Thank you.
Have fun.
I’m sorry for this bad idea of talking to you.

So, it’s pretty clear that I’ve struck a nerve. When I finally share the whole Lorenzo sex that got away story, you’ll understand why I’m so frustrated. I will admit, I was happy he was back in my life. I thought maybe after 20 months, he might have realized what he let get away when he let me go. I was also excited by the possibility that I’d finally get to bang Lorenzo. Victory!!!!

But, no, he is still not interested. I’m sure he wrote to me because he’s soon going to be in my neck of the woods when he moves to Australia. I’m also one of the girls he didn’t get to mark off on his bedpost (when I asked him how many women he’d slept with, he’d lost count). I’m not stupid. But, no, he’s still not worthy. As much as I think of how great the sex would be with him, I can’t do it. I wish I were that woman who, without asking any questions, could just hop on a plane to Australia, make love to Lorenzo for three weeks, and then leave not feeling overwrought with emotions for him. I know it’s not possible.

I’ll take a day or two to respond if I do.